BFAD027: Acid_Lab – Ambiguity of Things EP OUT NOW!

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    BFAD027: Acid_Lab – Ambiguity of Things EP OUT NOW!


    A: Acid_Lab – Black Rain
    B: Acid_Lab – Drumcircle
    C: Acid_Lab – Ghostdrums

    Release date: 12.11.2012

    It's often good to look at things from different points of view. Sometimes though, there just aren't that many angles. Acid_Lab's absolutely smashing new EP is here for the sole purpose of ripping up any dance floor it will be unleashed upon. Drumfunk lovers unite and all hail your new messiah that is Acid_Lab!


    BFAD027A: Acid_Lab - Black Rain
    Enter the woods and experience an enlightening esoteric trip when listening to this amazing bit of ambient excellence. Enigmatic, yet comforting sounds will send you on a trip to dreamland and perhaps even inspire you to hug a couple of trees while your at it.

    BFAD027B: Acid_Lab – Drumcircle
    Set sail for the mysterious Bermuda triangle and hope to never be found again when this boom-bass-tic soundtrack accompanies you on your journey. Marching drum rolls and deep and dark synths will give you instant peace of mind on your travels into oblivion.

    BFAD027C: Acid_Lab – Ghostdrums
    Turn the volume up to 11 and let the broken beats and reversed drums of Vessel blow your mind, while distant voices lure you into the deep. All aboard, boh!

    Now available to buy at:
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