Drum & Bass BFAD025: Mtwn - Pressure EP OUT NOW! [Break-Fast Audio]


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A: Mtwn - Pressure
B: Mtwn & Act One - Motoba
C: Mtwn - Cursed
D: Mtwn - Deceptive

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Release date: 30.07.2012

Your girlfriend nagging you to take out the trash and bitching about how you never really do anything around the house, your boss whining about that report that he needed on his desk the day before yesterday, your neighbours calling the frickin' cops on you for being too loud at your own damn house party, reminding them in frustrating agony of the times when they were actually able to have a little fun in their now miserable lives. It's all just too much f#cking pressure. Your mates at Break-Fast Audio care for your mental well being and invite you to just take a load off by indulging yourselves in our latest sprout that is Mtwn's mind blowing Pressure EP. So, we want you to get up now, turn up the volume, go to the window and stick your head out the window and yell F#CKIN' BOH!

BFAD025A: Mtwn - Pressure
Get into your dancing gear and release the pressure on this EP's stunning title track is what you'll want to do when this one hits the dance floor. Brainy breaks, minimalistic sounds and a number of brutal sounding synths make this awesome tune into a synergetic masterpiece.

BFAD025B: Mtwn & Act One - Motoba
Commanding voices and roaring synths welcome you deep-down into dark Africa on this killer track "Motoba". Chilled out vibes and dark dub is what you'll find on this wicked co-production with Manchester's Act One.

BFAD025C: Mtwn - Cursed
This wicked production aptly named "Cursed" does have some serious evil inside. A couple of eerily booming synths and sounds, fusing with some dry ass funky beats will get yo groove on instantly.

BFAD025D: Mtwn - Deceptive
Mtwn must have some pretty damn high standards for this track to be called "Deceptive" since these are some highly intelligent breaks right here that will lift you out of that Lay-Z-Boy recliner™ in no time.

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