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Mar 4, 2008




BFAD009 // Amplicon & Mindmapper EP
A: Amplicon – Rehabilitation
B: Amplicon – Rehabilitation (Mindmapper remix)
C: Mindmapper – Tracking You Down
D: Mindmapper – Tracking You Down (Amplicon remix)

Release date: 03.03.2009

Break-Fast Audio returns with a fresh offering from the Dutch underground of Drum & Bass! Amplicon and Mindmapper decided to combine forces, in order to come up with some great sounding originals and remixes of each others tracks.

BFAD009A: Amplicon - Rehabilitation
Amplicon, master of special ops music production and schizophrenic analog funk breaks returns with some proper sonic terrorism on Break-Fast Audio. Rehabilitation features nauseating sine basses destined to make the subwoofer puke, combined with soaring hihats and those retro-futuristic, how-the-hell-did-he-make-those soundscapes that will make discerning drum & bass listeners wonder all night.

BFAD009B: Amplicon – Rehabilitation (Mindmapper remix)
The Mindmapper remix of Amplicon’s rehabilitation offers a rawer but also jazzier take on the track that will surely find its way to the dancefloor. The breaks are taken a bit more straightforward - without losing that broken beat-feeling –, whilst some beautiful new atmospherics were added to make the remix so soothing to the ear.

BFAD009C: Mindmapper – Tracking You Down
On the flipside the prolific up-and-coming Mindmapper presents one of his latest productions: Tracking You Down. Jazzy as always, driven by hard breaking static beats with intermezzos of lush female vocals and distorted synth basses, it’s not hard to understand why his productions are wanted by drum & bass labels all around the world.

BFAD009D: Mindmapper – Tracking You Down (Amplicon remix)
Where Mindmapper’s original is all about tough beats and stabbing interpunction, the Amplicon remix of the same track starts off on a floating soundscape that slowly turns to an eclectic mix of a booming melodic bassline and breaking funk beats.

Keeping close to the original, but yet taking the track in a completely different direction, this remix is a nice take on the original track.

All in all, this last serving on BFA is a nice package that is sure to cater the needs and wants of most DJ's and dancefloor goers in the scene. Enjoy!

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