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Mar 4, 2008
BFAD007 // Resound & Cyberworm // OUT NOW!





BFAD007A // Resound & Cyberworm - Initiation
BFAD007B // Resound - Silver Sky

Release date: 12-12-08


Break Fast Audio is back with the choicest productions straight from drum&bass underworld. This release features some heavy hitting sound design by none other than Resound and Cyberworm. Having released on such labels as Cylon, Function, Secret Operations and Metalheadz, Resound is now joining the ranks of Break-Fast Audio together with Cyberworm (Respect records) to provide you two splendid works of deep bass.

BFAD007A: Resound & Cyberworm - Initiation

The A side of this release kicks off with a collaboration between the two producers, resulting in disturbing atmospherics that gradually evolve in to a heavy, broken-beat driven winterlike vibe, not much different of what you might expect a tough winter to be in Finland or Russia. Crazy unexpected industrial-tinted sound design and filtering add hot spice to the mix so you won't be left stonecold on the dancefloor.

BFAD007B: Resound - Silver Sky

The flipside, Resound's 'Silver Sky', is much more of a roller poised for heavy damage in the dancefloor: Heavily gated breaking beats and a subtle vocoded voice introduce a deep, rough bassline that shows its truly menacing sub bass characteristics in the break: the bass starts raving, the beat drops while the masses are dancing.

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