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Mar 4, 2008




BFAD006A // Synapse - Shambhala
BFAD006B // Synapse- Uncertainty

Release date: 30-10-08


Emerging from St. Petersburg's drum 'n bass underground, Synapse provides two pieces of rolling drumfunk on the sixth Breakfast Audio release.

BFAD006A:Synapse - Shambhala

Shambhala features heavily edited and compressed cymbal-rich drumfunk programming accompanied by elegant, soft synths and an occasional sitar sample. Breaks that abound with energy and a low, droning synth string provide the polish that distinguish this fine new Russian talent from the grey underground masses.

BFAD006B: Synapse- Uncertainty

"Uncertainty" proves that Synapse has firmly established his position as a creme de la creme drumfunk producer. Clean, loop-triggered beats, funky jazz rhodes and trumpet, all are taking you back to the days of yore, reminiscent of those old funky jungle breaks that they used to play. And just when you think you had enough, a new jazz-fusion break drops to deliver the final blows.

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