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Mar 4, 2008




BFAD005 // Mindmapper - Nightly Trips EP

Release date: 26-09-08


Like a pack of cigarettes thrown away as a gesture to better one's life, Mindmapper graces Break-Fast Audio with his EP donning four melodic, enticing and exhilarating tracks.

BFAD005A: Mindmapper - Drizzle Drop

Drizzle drop, the first track on the EP is a roller like no other. Suave saxophone riffs alternated with a rumbling but staccato rolling beat and a vocal sample reminiscent of old cinematic work provide a relaxed atmosphere. Signature production from Mindmapper at his best.

BFAD005B: Mindmapper - Night Shift

And the pressure is on. Night Shift is aptly named and reflects the trials and tribulations a dysfunctional drum&basshead has gone through on one night too many out. Round subbasslines are the anchor in this one and the captain had long lifted it and is playing his horn while having one bottle of whiskey too many. The ship is left a float into the dark, melodic night and the waves are sustaining the constant rolling of the drums.

BFAD005C: Mindmapper - Dizzy Dub

Dizzy dub starts off as any dub; lush guitars, delayed fx provide a great atmospheric backdrop. But when it breaks Mindmapper (crunch) shows what the business is about: fast, breaking beats interwoven with a fine fabric of silky harmonics, guaranteed to get even the choicest drum&bass aficionado moving.

BFAD005D: Mindmapper - Keep It Running

Keep it running does what it says: Mindmapper's atmospheric yet melodic style is taken to another level with an energizing engagement of atmospherics, a tough, breaking beat and a subtly but constantly pushing distorted sub bass. However, form is not chosen over content and after it's minimalistic break, keep it running is going to haunt you deep into the dark, nightly hours while having you gaze up at the night sky afterwards, wondering why you kept dancing on that floor for so long.


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