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    TRACK 1: Nilow - Get Ready
    TRACK 2: Nilow - Testicle Lapdance
    TRACK 3: Nilow - In Ari

    You can choose 1 or 2 or all 3 tracks
    We will give u a full "Sample Pack" of each track- u CAN but u dont HAVE to use all of them.
    BE CREATIVE and remix in any style you want to. Hard - Soft - ANY Genre

    You may use these samples in your own tracks - in that case please give credits to Nilow
    You may NOT RELEASE ur remix without the permission of BF Recordings
    Feel free to ask about a release somewhere else though :)

    The winner gets a feature on Nilows next Dubstep EP on BF Recordings (no matter what style the winner track is)
    and a 50€ gift coupon for Loopmasters.

    6 runners up will be released on a Remix EP

    Genre: All kind of styles

    Deadline: 2013.07.27
    Share the tune to our BF Recordings Remix Competition Group - please

    Nilow - Testicle Lapdance

    Nilow - Inari

    Niow - Get Ready

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