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    :lol_board Is anyone else really starting to tire of the US hip hop scen. I am specifically refering to the wankers that take up air time and publicity away from the more intersteing rappers.

    Foe example has anyone noticed the complete loss of storytelling in USHH? I mean what the fuck is going on! You used to listen to KRSone or De La soul spin u a yarn or two, but now you got Fiddy Cent going on about a candy store?? Aparently he wants to take you there!! eh?? Then you got Fat Jo babbling incoherently about 'leaning back' and as for this whole new 'Krunk' stuff...oh my god...fucking hell, that has signified the death of what i consider good hip hop...

    Thank god for the freshness of the UK scene. I know nuff peopel have problems with UK rap. I mean a lot of people say it sounds amateurish, which is a fair point. However the vibrancy and diversity of the UK right now is soo addictive. It seems every week u got someone coming up who u have neever heard with a fresh style..

    Ok the grime scene is a bit rubbish. It is a bit too basic, but then those Garage heads arent notorious for their depth of mind now are they. Don t get me wrong I love Dizzee as much as the next man, but turn on Channel U...and ergh! There is some real toss up on there!

    I guess what i am trying to say is that this new generation of uber commercial coporate rap fucks is annoying me!

    well thats off my chest.,...

    Rah.,.. actually no its not...I hate the whole image thing too. ; 'Oh we've got so much money' oh yeah? 'yeah we got so much money i spent a grand on a bottle of champagne that i couldnt appreciate cos im soo much of a fuckwit and we just pored it over some girl man...' yeah? P Diddy go fuck ur self, Fiddy Go fuck ur self, Snoop (it pains me but for what u did with Just-in Timberlake...) go fuck ur self!, and all ur little fuck wit followers...go fuck urselves! Im sorry if this offends anyone...actually , nah im not...


    UK UK!

    ah thats better

    (disclaimer...this was a harmless and LIGHTHEARTED JOKEY rant, dont come back with ur " im gangsta stop dissing fiddy, u dont knwo nuffin"...bullshit...its bollocks!)
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    Um I believe it's safe to say I've been overly disgusted with the scene for the last 5 years or so... especially with all the Lil' John escapades with the synthline shit that makes every single track sound the same from the other.. the thing that really gets on my nerves here tho is that the majority of the people will obsess over crap, and when there is something semi-good that comes out, it is overly played out until I'm ready to punch someone the next time I would hear the song. (i.e. The Game) so yea.. rants.. enuff of that now :teeth:
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    correct lokki usa rap has so many clowns talking about rims and ice crystle .almost every track the rapper is in clubs etc there is a small selection of tune going around at the mo from usa i like. and as for fat toe .....stop rappin and stop wearing fluffy pink coats thats not gangster at all .. how the fuck he get that rich from the tunes he put out in the shops ....:pat:
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    Nobody good in the UK rap scene is actually releasing anything though :/

    Jehst, K-lash, Kyza, Taskforce, Yungun, Lewis Parker, all gone quiet at the mo, and the scene is being taken over by American wannabe twats like SAS and 2play.

    Grime = Wank

    USHH = Wank in general, but hey, thank God for Madlib and Oh No.
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    Time Dependant 2007
    The U.S scence is so false & moulded that it really is beginning to show it's weary cracks in this day & age. It seems to me personally that anyone can become a rap star without been able to rap these day's & that lyrical content is put below 'I have a nice video & a massive crew'. Can people not see that 85% of all the so called hip-hop/rap which is been pushed is no more than an advertisment for Rolls Royce, Gucci, Bentley, G-Unit clothing etc look past the shiney suit rappers & flossing mc's & you'll see these people will have fuck all else to fall back on when they actually get caugt up in an mc battle or people try to find something more than jewels, cars & VIP guest lists within their music.
    There are very few artists who are releasing material which I have the upmost respect for from the US & Canada & it goes:

    Talib Kweli
    Mos Def
    The Roots
    Kanye West

    If I'm honest I'm feeding my habit by picking up the older albums because that is where it was truely about beats, rhymes & life not MTV & all it's profile dialogue about 50 clone rappers who can't talk about anything more than whats in their mums jewellery box. If you want a lesson in hip-hop go & pick up a KRS-ONE album or A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders don't worry it won't bite, a little education & some fucking outstanding rhymes should carve your mind open to something that should deserve to still get some airplay in this day & age!!:slayer:
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    west coast aust
    i know nothing of this subject really in depth but i havent felt hip hop/rap for a long time now. it became all pretentious about 15 years ago and never looked back.
    ice-t - original gangster was the last album i bought in that genre from the US.

    hilltop hoods and downsyde are two aussie groups that have brought my subwoofahs back under 130bpm. but for how long? about as long as it takes for them to get all coked up, blinged up and stuck up.

    some solid stuff coming from nz these days too. really strong scene over there atm.
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    I agree, the NZ scene is good but they still copy US language too closely. Not that I'm a fan of "I'm an Australian so I can massacre the language" approach some groups here take. VBs AND V8s take you so far ---

    Anyway, I agree with most of the statements above, but I can't help feeling that truly underground rap must be alive and kicking in the USA ... somewhere. Maybe it has really retreated so far its hard to find outside.