DnB Beyonce - End Of Time - Diverse Reality remix

Bring down the hats a bit, they steal the show!

Try adding some varations in the drums here and there?
The mix itself could maybe be a bit softer? And EQ down some mids so that it isn't so full. That way you make room for the voice.

The concept is really cool, and I would love to hear the final version (if this isn't it)
Thanks man. Tbh mate it really started grinding on me, and as it was a tight deadline (needed to be up early due to the crappy voting system) i thought fuck it, put it up now.. It won't win anyway, and as we don't hore it enough, it won't make the top 50, so when it's up for free download I'll tidy it up a bit.. Cheers for the feedback though man, every little helps..
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