Between life and death


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Jan 31, 2016
hello there and welcome to this forum! nice tracks for started, I like the synth you created, and intro sound quite interesting.
something is off key though, please check at '0:26 esp. very nice drop, very solid drum work, love it! also well done on adding variations.
the gnarl bass coming in at 1:57 doesn't match the track, or should be further edited in my opinion. other than that -- this is good work! :2thumbs:


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May 3, 2011
Hey machinistom,

thank you so much for your feedback and time! I'll check it. Yeah, you are right..the second bass was a very fast choice and not rlly thought over. It was more like: I need to finish the track now and don't want to think more about it.
I'll work further on the track.
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