DnB Betaflex Trainwreck

DJ Sheerdrop AKA

my beatz
May 30, 2017
Nice concept.. intro is deep and the drums nice and varied. I think the snare needs more presence though..I’d roll this track for sure. 2nd drop is big.

Neural Tech

VIP Junglist
Jul 31, 2009
I left feedback:

"I like the Matrix sounding Pad in the Intro... hmmm, reminds me of an old soft synth called Chameleon 5000. The Intro is so minimal, but after hearing the main Bass drop at 1:29, I get it now. I LOVE the nasty Bass layers, they are fkn RAW! Without sounding like a gash cunt, I think your Mixdown is really off. Way too much compression, that or your volumes are simply too much, or perhaps it's how you Limited your Mixdown in the end.

The Bass ideas are narly, I really like them, but I can't enjoy it with the Mix sounding so squashed. I imagine that's why your ears are tired after working on this. I can't listen to it at loud volumes at all... and even at low volumes it is tiring my ears out. If you could figure out how to create natural dynamics in this tune, it'll be an absolute monster!"
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