Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance "Forgotten / ????" (Bass Bin)


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Mar 4, 2002
This is a promo that I found so I don't know what the titles of the sides are, I just know one cut is called "Forgotten".

Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance "Forgotten / ????" (Bass Bin BB1206)

Side A1 has a real upbeat happy jump up jungle sort of vibe to it. While the 2-step beats do nothing for me I do really like the jump up esk drum rolls and the bouncy bassline. Also present in this tune is the classic "high ahhh" female vocal sample and a sample of a british guy saying "louie louie" which is highly amuseing. The big payoff in the tune is in the form of a sexy string breakdown which is very nice.

Side AA is the one for me here. This one has a really nice overall tune structure as theres quite a few change ups that come out of nowhere. The beats themselves are so totaly Reinforced sounding, they're faboulous!!! The tune really creates smiles as it gets into its ambient breakdown with a french house esk filter sweep use on the female vocal. Just as you think the tune is ready to get back the beats and bass theres another breakdown, this time with a dub regge vibe. Wicked tune this is! This one will be a favorite for a good long while.

I rate this one: 8/10
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