Best places to cop really upfront tunes?


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Oct 23, 2008
Been listening every week to al the UK shows, Hype, Groove & Fabio, Bailey etc, I've been out the game for a while, where can I buy a lot of the tunes they play? I know has a store, likewise the site, but I'm really after the proper upfront stuff, the dubs, promos etc.

I haven't moved in circles getting exclusive tunes for a while, I'm a bit out of date, so some heads up would be nice as I'm looking to play out again soon.

By the way, I prefer vinyl if possible, but if not MP3s at highest quality or straight AIFs or WAVs to stick into Traktor.

Can't beat the crunch o' the dub mate!



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May 21, 2007
in all honesty you won't be the majority of the tunes they're playing for months and months and it's mostly dubs. some promos get played, but mostly it's a lot of waiting.

check out
redeye records

probably all the selection you'll need.
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