Best needles for bedroom technics?

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    Apr 6, 2012
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    Got some stanton 505's atm on my technics 1210's mkII , scratched to fuck and olllld!
    Anyways there knackered, one picks up louder than the other and its a nightmare mixing, I didnt notice untill i tried my mates concordes, seemed like second nature mixing with them! Tried weights, cleaning needles etc. still same result, plus they look horrible
    Concordes seem the way to go, but im not familiar with other types of needles/arms, aesthetics matter too as im spending alot spraying and modifying them in the next few weeks! Will be posting results when I get round to it
    Also on a budget, and it goes without saying DndB are the only vinyl to touch my decks. Obviously lower frequencies matter, but I dont want overwhelming bass. I know its 'drum and bass' but I often find the higher frequencies such as the drumbeat and vocals better to mix with, some needles with some clarity would do me perfect.
    Any reccomendations?
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    Get some Shure M35Xs. Cheap, rugged, sound great.

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