Best looking mixer..


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Just wandering what people think is the best looking mixer around?..

Just seen in another thread the Numark X9 available very soon and reckon this is a contender!..

I know people don't buy a mixer for its looks but oh well lol..

Big uppp!


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oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! i used one of them the other week, and they're really fucking good! love the way the eq's have a smooth feel i.e no notch and 0dB thought that was a nice touch.
the actually build quality is wicked and the sound quality was top class!!!! definatly reccomend that mixer, it's swish.
I've wanted one for a fucking long time, the 4 channel dont look too bad either. Haven't got around to using one, but they just look well built, and got a simple layout...


i like that urei mixer it looks really cool. god i need a new mixer, mine is like third hand originally bought from maplin. now that is classy.

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hahah this thread is quite jokes. i personally think the numark dm950 is shite and hate it when i ever have the displeasure of mixing with one. 2 band eq just seems pointless to me. the pioneer does look nice and so does that urei. i think im gonna get the 4 channel urei for xmas along with a cd/vinyl hybrid turntable, so i can do 3 deck mixing and mix cd's. im also considering buying a cd deck later on down the line if and when i need one but at the min i rekon a hybrid will give me the best of wot i need right now. i can only find the gemini cdt as a reasonabl;y priced on at the minute. my mate has numark x2's but got em offa htfr alot cheaper than wot they cost now (that makes a fucking change). any1 know any other hybrid turntables that are good or if the cdt is worth getting?


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My mate had one of those shitty numark things, it was awful. The faders were sticky as my bed linen, when I actually tried to use them they came off in my hands, it was all crackly and shit, eurgh. Vile thing.

If you're using one now then save and get a better one, you will know INSTANTLY what you're missing.

P.s. didn't mean to preach like, but these mixers are so awful I had to speak out.