Best Genre for parties?


Al Capone
Feb 3, 2009
Hey I'm kinda new into djing/mixing. But I was asked to mix a little at a friends Birthdayparty with about 100 people coming and although I got a alright playlist togheter already I wonder what genre would be best for that kind of party?
My buddy loves to go clubbing to electro clubs and alike a lot so I figured I'd mix some lctro with some house?

What would you mix?

If they are a good crowd then you should be able to play whatever you want. I'd go mainly electro and house but experiment a bit if everything's going well, throw in some dubstep or drum and bass :D

Hope all goes well :)
play nothing but freeform industrial gabba, always gets a party going

seriously though, if you got balls, i dare you to drop a Sun Ra tune in there
Dont be a pushover, just play 1 style for a while, see what happens, play another style and see.... rinse and repeat until you get someone to dance. When they tire of dancing, play something chillful.

It's all about responding to the crowd son.
I think you should do a mix of Hayseed Dixie, a hillbilly bluegrass band that does tributes to rock bands and traditional swedish polka music.

Yeah great that will really get the party going :not_worth

I will probably throw around some charts (Remixes), some house and a lil electro inbetween.
If you got any specific ideas feel free to help !

Oh and no, no polska thx.
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