Best Free Recording software

DJ Vyper

Nov 17, 2004
Oxford, UK
I have always used Wavelab to record my mixes, up till last year when my computer dies with it on.

Since then ive been trying to find a decent bit of free software to download that is similar, does anyone know of a goo dfree progran to use!? Im currently using a basic free download, but best quality I can get on that is 203, cant seem to get 320 quality..also I used to like to edit the mix, fade the mix or chop a mix up, if I needed a 30 minute section. I doubt any free recording programs have editing functions, but worth asking. :spliff:
The Software in the Internet available that free recording which feature is also available in the cell phones also and if some cell have no feature like this for those cell this is the best option that to recording any thing from somewhere and it is the free thats the good .
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