Best Beginners MIDI Controller?


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Oct 21, 2008
Basically clicking in notes with the mouse to produce beats pisses me off withing 5 minutes so I want to fork out for a budget midi controller.. does anyone have any recommendations?
m-audio axiom 25

if its a bit too expensive for ya, then get the oxygen by them instead. axiom is good stuff tho. they even released the new axiom pros, but i have no clue on the cost.
Hi, Frome a budgeting point of view, I can reccomend the M-Audio Oxygen 49, it was one of the first controllers I used. Its very good as its a 49 keyboard which includes 8 sliders and 8 knobs to which you can map to your synths lfo knobs...etc.

If you check WWW.FROOGLE.CO.UK and search for it I believe are doing it for around 59 pounds plus vat. Order your froogle results cheapest to highest and you should find it. Good luck!
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