Best B2B set ever?


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A few people have been saying the recent Andy C B2B Marky set was the best set ever. I am gutted that I couldnt make it there but can easily believe that sets dont come better than this as a 6 hour marathon with two of the greatest djs ever will not be a regular occurrence.

What are peoples best ever B2B sets? It would be best if we can keep it to sets which we can upload so we can share the love but doesnt really matter if we cant.

My favourite b2b sets off the top of my head would be:

Andy C b2b Mampi Swift @ Pure Science 4th Birthday. Was my first rave and they both tore the roof off.

Hype b2b Brockie @ Pure Science 3rd Birthday. Anyone who has this knows the score.

Also think the Andy C b2b Randall @ Pure Science 3rd Birthday was wicked. 99-2000 was my favourite period of dnb so the tunes here were the best in my opinion, especially the mix with the beginning & pacman.

Fuck me, pure science knew how to throw a birthday party!

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Me and the one were talking about this in that other thread just there and I suggested that Friction B2B with Andy C from a few years back (06 maybe?) was the shit...



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Andy C B2B Hype Tranzmission 2006 - has to be a favorite of mine, filled with all the classics.
Andy mixing up, Hype scratching up...