Best Audio DSP plugins suitable for Microphone recordings


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Greetings to all !
I came to this forum because i was happy to see a big number of active members, that's why i ask for your help.

I am looking for the best (by your experience) DSP Plugins, Plugins we can use on a Recording Studio to improve the vocals used for radio or tv spots-broadcasts.

What i have in mind is DSP Plugins which can use mono-recorded vocals and improve their quality and their stereo wideness (possibly some of them to be used as microphone-effects ...) so their sound quality will be ready to be listened well by any sound system (hi-fi , car audio system, etc...).

I hope here i will find the help i wish.

Thanks for your precious time :)


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Depends on your budget , Beruinger do a nice ( for the money) pre amp fro £40..or you coudl go high end and look at focusrite etc etc