Best all round needles


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Feb 10, 2009
I've got ortofon concord pro s on at the moment but was thinking of upgrading. What would be a good choice? Was considering ortofon nightclub.
nightclubs are the fuckin daddy end of. I just bought some elektros and kinda regret it, no way near the build quality of the Nightclubs :(
i dont see how needles can make a £100 difference tbh, never heard proper top notch needles i guess though.. I mean yeah the difference between some shitty 15quid bollocks from htfr and something with abit of value is very noticable!

I got stanton diablo v3's and am very happy with them and they are cheap :) But as i said, havnt really heard anything played on anything better tbh!
Spherical needles are the best all round needles. :teef:

You won't go wrong with Ortofon nightclub's though.

I got the Stanton 890 FS boxset and they are top notch. You get spherical needles for general mixing and elliptical needles to rip your vinyls to WAV/mp3 with. £140 when I got then.
Yeah shures do look good! Can I just buy the nightclub styluses and replace my pro s ones and what damage am I looking at?
one of my decks has the technics one...cant remember the exact name...

the other has a numark does the job at the moment but i gunna get some decent ones soon
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