best active speakers for 500 quid?


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Dec 26, 2008
title says it all really, not for production, just for listening/djing but still loud...for use at house parties would be useful
Me and a couple of housemates will soon be selling our 2 powered JBL Eon 15 inch PA speakers when we finish Uni, perfect for mixing and more than loud enough for parties. Probably be willing to part with them both for 400 sometime after Easter if you can wait until then.

We will also include some high quality cables, and you can try before you buy. We should be having a final party with a "for sale" sticker slapped on them!

(offer available to anyone else too, PM me if interested)

for that money i suppose you wouldnt give a fuck really eh - and yeah maplins DJ gear is shoddy, and they charge alot for it IMO

i would personally spend a little more though, and get some Tough, durable road worthy motherfuckers like the Mackies or JBL's - even those berhingers are pretty solid looking, and there actives so more space and less wires to deal with
If you're still looking for some active DJ Speakers for around the £500 mark you can't go far wrong with a pair DB Technologies Cromo 8+ or 10+. These are Portable active PA speakers. The perfect active speaker for any mobile DJ looking for a set up for parties. And you'll still have some cash left over from your budget.
Cromo 8+ £189.00 inc VAT and Shipping (each)
Cromo 10+ £229.00 inc VAT and Shipping (each)

Alternatively browse the selection of active pa speakers at soundbase meagstore for your self

I'm sure he managed to find a pair within 6 years ;)
They are the brand stocked in maplins and have you seen how bad all their other DJ stuff is?

yeah maplins DJ gear is shoddy, and they charge alot for it IMO

You could of told me sooner! Just today I took my Controller back to maplins because it didn't sit level it was warped. It's clearly faulty now ive got to sit and wait to see what the outcome is ffs.
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