Ben Sage "Provisions for Survival Ep" Out March 1st!


Jul 23, 2006

Ben Sage "Provisions for Survival EP" (Subsonik Sound Recordings)

Ben Sage revisits a couple of old tracks, and comes forward with his first solo effort on Subsonik Sound Recordings; 2 dance floor drum and bass slammers and 2 forward thinking tech/dubstep crossovers

Ben Sage - "Last and Greatest Bastion of Freedom"

Born originally in 2003, and formerly known as “Busted Mouse,” this track starts off with rolling vibes, dreamy chords, and beeps and hits, sending you off into a state of trance. The boldly themed, ideally placed, and politically appropriate sample indicates the imminent arrival of a slammer. The drop hits you like a ton of bricks with driving bass and unique synth lines. The chilled out breakdown features an ambient feel, interspersed with 808 bass and a clean breakbeat. The track returns to its former self with renewed ferocity, breaking out of the ambience back into full force. A definite slammer.

Plan 9 feat JOTJ – “You” (Ben sage rmx)

In typical Ben Sage fashion, stirring strings and synth lines break out from the top, bringing the high energy of this long-overdue remix to your brain. With its swirling atmosphere, well appointed vocals, and grimy melodic bass, this is one for the roller crew. The emotionally charged lyrics take hold of you, off to the drop where the chaos begins. With its snappy breaks and washing bass this dancefloor ready dnb roller is one for the liquid crew.

Ben Sage - "Freeze"

This track is deep, ethereal dubstep at its finest. The dubbed out vibes come complete with lyrical stabs and atmosphere, coupled with the DIRTIEST bassline this side of hell. This track will smack you right in the face, while retaining its ambient vibe. Head nodders beware!

Ben Sage - "Smash the Empire"

From out of the sonic shadows, the eerie vibes arise, complete with cavernous stabs and glitched out vocals. The epic intro settles into a smooth, dutty dubstep vibe, ripping you to shreds at the drop. The pace is quickened by skippy breaks, meticulously placed to ride alongside the massive kick & snare combination. Haunting bass synths and ambient interludes mark this sonic journey. Another for the head nodding crew!

Available March 1st, 2009 from your favorite digital retailer
Distributed by Symphonic Distribution[/SIZE]
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