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Selektahs: Beebe, Greenleaf, & Simian + the occasional guest

We play everything from 93' Jungle to the latest underground dubs, with a concentration on labels such as Bassbin, Inperspective, all Paradox labels :D Subtle Audio, Reinforced, Warm Communications.....But oh how we love the Oldschool/Jungle. Our show will cover just about every genre of DnB. Hope to see you in the chat.

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I'll give a little background on our show.

BelowCLevel is the name of our cru. We live in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
The name comes mainly from the fact that New Orleans is below sea level. Depending on what part of town you are in, you can be from 5-10 feet below sea level. Generally speaking, the closer you are to the river, the higher the elevation.

We have some nicknames for NewOrleans:
The Big Easy
ThaDirtyDeltah (NewOrleans is located at the top of the Mississippi river's delta)

This last nickname brings up a funny thing. Our cru has this saying thats origins lie deep in our cru's history. Back when we were the Outerbass cru. The story is a bit complex, but if you must know ask me in the chat room. Anyhows, when we are doing our thing( ya know mixing rekkids and throwing down some major tunage) we like to say "RockinThaDeltah". It somewhat is another way of expressing your excitement at the moment, kinda like BOH!

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