Beginner looking for mixing on traktor

hello everyone,

I'm a beginner in mixing, I only know how to use traktor. I learned to use it on a simple Hercules RMX of a friend of mine
I'm thinking about buying something myself to mix on traktor, do you have any advices ? (can spend around 200€ for this)
I'm also looking for some good 2.1 sound system (I can't afford to buy real speakers and an amplifier at the moment), I have around 100€ budget for this.. any website/brands suggestion to get a clean and loud sound ?

Thank you


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If youre talking about traktor, I reckon the kontrol S2. Dunno how much they are though. Beginners used to rave about the Numark mixtrack pro being a great place to start, ive never used it though.
Your best bet is to head on over to the djtechtools forums and search there. Dont post a new thread, they literally get this question asked about 10 times a day.

As for speakers, it really doesnt matter. Get whatever you can afford. A good logitech 2.1 system wont cost much, if you want something better, get a second hand hifi.