Been searching for 5 YEARS!!! ultimate DnB minds needed!!!!!! plz


[I]Baffled[/I]Once had a Slammin Vinyl tape pack from around sept 2000. It had brockie, ash-a-tak, ed rush and a couple of other names I can't remember (maybe blackmarket).
I went and lost the mo'fo!
the greatest old skool dnb tape.....gone........

Now.......on I think the Ed- rush tape (maybe Ash) there was a mighty Tune!!!! It had a female vocal sample just before it dropped....It was a kind of slow soft singing, quite long but at the end she sings about being left crying on the phone. She then keeps repeating over and over "phone, phone, phone, phone".....before a deep bouncing bass comes in (just bass nothing else) then bang a shuffley amen style drum beat kicks in over it.
If anyone has any idea.......anything..........please help
(I even tried to sing it to Ed rush when I met him a record shop.........his face was pricless)
There was also a tune on there which repeats the sample "raver, raver, raver, raver" over a meaty guitar style bass.