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    Originally Posted By Peco @ BFTP


    You may have noticed the Chip In box on the right side of the blog today. Well its to launch our new raffle giveaway for all you lucky readers.

    The idea is simple, im sure you have all entered into a raffle, be it at school or work, at some point in your life. Readers can buy a place in the raffle by simply contributing a small amount of money into the pot. The minimum amount is $1. If you contribute $5 or more we will add your name twice into the hat giving you more chance of winning.

    We here at the blog will be adding $5 into the pot every fortnight to get things rolling. We are of course not eligible to win.

    The raffle will run every 2 week and the winner will be announced at the end of every fortnight. The prize will be a gift voucher of the amount raised for one of the following music stores (if there are any others you would like added just let us know and we will see what we can do) -

    Track It Down
    Juno Download
    Red Eye Records