Beats, Bass and Nipple Tassels! - DJ Raggs on JustJam 41

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    SUGARLESQUE TAKEOVER DJ Raggs + Peggy de Lune

    BlitzUK artist DJ Raggs graces the decks on Episode #41 with Burlesque dancer Peggy De Lune.

    30mins of upfront Dubs from artists like Coki, Tunnidge, Gangoon Dubs, Stinkahbell, DJ Enme, and DJ Raggs herself. Plus a new twist in Dubstep viewing.

    Watch DJ Raggs live in the mix on

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    Coki v Raggs (on Sax) - Celestial Dub

    Raggs V Substeppers - Golden Sax

    Raggs V Stinkahbell - Tomato Take Out

    Raggs V Dubface ft Raggs - In Your Eyes

    DJ Enme - Saxting ft Raggs (on Sax)

    Contact DJ Raggs

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