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    Hi Everyone !!

    We are musicians that are fed up with the way the music industry works.

    We believe in fairness towards the artist and their creations.

    We protect the interests of our artists with Creative Common License rather than copyright.

    At present we are looking for more music submissions. Opening date will be 15/01/2006.


    - Artist gets 50% of earnings. We’ll use the rest to advertise further our project and its musicians.

    - Our contracts are non exclusive. You can still sign anytime you wish with anybody else.

    - We sell your albums or EP online at a fair price. Album €5.50. EP €3. All music will be available in WAV, mp3, OGG.

    - All our music catalogue will be available to be licensed for commercial purposes, easily and online.

    - Producers can contact you for commissions.

    - Your music will not get lost on our site. We follow a strict qualitative selection. We publish only selected artists per genre of music.

    - Our site is in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian.

    Don’t wait until you forget about it; send us your music now!!!

    To find out more check

    FairPlay Music
    General enquiry:
    Artists enquiry:

    Instant Messaging on:
    skype: beatpick
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