beatalistics001 Syncopix - "Toasty" / Young Ax - "Funkee Fresh" out now!!

beatalistics001 Syncopix - "Toasty" / Young Ax - "Funkee Fresh" out now!!

Now our first vinyl release is available at many record stores worldwide. It is taken from the forthcoming cd compilation `HiVitality - vital styles of drumnbass` (beatalistics001) and features two of germany`s top producers: Syncopix and Young Ax. "Toasty" is a melodic but powerful club anthem, "Funkee Fresh" a playful roller that sounds like the summer. To quote DJ Fabio: "Both A-Sides, both rollers"!

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Some words about Syncopix:
When beatalistics label heads Stadler&Waldorf met Syncopix in his studio in Hamburg to check the conditions of his beatalistics release, he showed them his current output. For them it was mind-blowing. His tracks are constantly moving. When you think you already know the tune the next idea comes in. By establishing yet another musical theme or adding a new instrument he composes real works of art. Nonetheless, he does not forget to let the tunes roll and keeps an eye and ear on the dancefloor. “Toasty” beatalistics first vinyl release, is a brilliant example for his creative work. After his smashers on Hospital (“General Hospital”) and Liquid V (“Jonnie’s Theme”) beatalistics is proud to present the talents of Syncopix on the young label. What a tune to start “HiVitality”!

And some about Young Ax:
For Stadler&Waldorf one of the most important artists to win over for HiVitality was Young Ax because they had fallen in love with his productions some time ago. It is his unique sound that makes the difference. Young Ax’ organic style perfectly represents the label profile of beatalistics. By Ax’ use of Funk and Jazz excerpts you can easily recognise his roots. Rap vocal samples create a HipHop flavour. And the huge amount of playful breaks in his jungle rollers showes the love he puts into the production process. The Berlin based DJ gets deep and rollin’ on “January” (Brand:nu 005), crazy and spooky on “In My Neighbourhood” (Santorin 020) and delivers a summer funk hymn with “Funkee Fresh” that is released on beatalistics records.

These tunes are distributed by Groove Attack / L.O.A.D. Media.