Beat juggling sounds crap

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Jun 12, 2003
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Is beat juggling the only area of music where missing a few beats here and there doesn't matter?

With the exception of Babu's Blind Alley routine, I've never heard juggling that is on point throughout... even Craze's DMC winning routines get very messy in places

Are we better off without it? I think so...

I reckon beatjuggling does sound a bit pants most of the time.
Like something mindlessly hard to do done just because it's hard.

I always prefer doing simple double ups with dnb just because it's exact and you can still mess around with the tune. Juggling sounds even worse with dnb tho because the programming is so rigid unlike hiphop which has more swing and more room for error
there's not many doing it so I'd say it hasn't developed enough to judge.

sure it depends on wot your juggling

direct beats do sound shit but sections sound alright, I think dnb juggling is more about the basslines and breaks
I know what you are saying, but, I'd say you need to check out some more dj's before you pass judgement on the entire artform of juggling. I just performed at a dj battle in San Jose a few weeks back...and there really is some literally mindblowing stuff going on. for example, dj's like EJ, iLL tracks, and rocky rock (all from san jose) are truly on some sick shit. juggling can definitely get really complex and sometimes it does sound a little arhythmic when certain people do it....but, it's still a completely brilliant and innovative artform.
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