BEAT / Illquid - The Bang

Static... Nothing happening boring bass, the only good sounds are the backing stuff (sweeps,vocals etc) it gets better towards the end but very dry. Drums sound good but liven it up a bit man its a metronome.

also your track can you feel sounds way better even if it is a bit hypnotically repetitive.
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im liking it

but you desperately need some stereo in that man. is the whole thing mono right now? sounds like it to me

and also maybe some subtle atmospheric reverby stuff to give some impression of space.. whole things sounding a bit flat right now

but yeah, add some stuff to pad out the intro, EQ stuff so everything has it's place

the bass stab in particular could do with some nice EQ, some stereo. personally id get that sorted then bounce the stabs and bring them in as quiet top layer with some distortion on it, maybe put it through a guitar amp or some shit, just for a thin layer of grit and character. for more info on this you could check out Spectrasoul's computer music video, IIRC they do something to that effect with a bass hook

don't listen to the poster above, im guessing he's unsure about the sort of vibe you were aiming for

but yeah good start man
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