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How to Use This Book
Beat Construction - defining the Nod Factor and explaining the elements and processes involved in constructing drum beats
Dynamics - velocity curves, ADSR components, real-time dynamic automation using velocity curves and Lane Automation, manual editing
Quantize - defining and using quantize values, creating templates, ripping timing elements from commercial tracks for template construction, manual editing using Slices and Hit points
Recycle & Battery - slicing and chopping, triggering with NI Battery, creating Midi templates from slices information, re-ordering of sequences into new beats
Filters - what are they, what types and what they do
Frequencies & Tuning - a subject rarely covered when it comes to drum sounds and beats, using energy values for tuning, how to use a spectrum analyzer, how to tune to a key or scale, creating and using sub layers
Shadowing Beats & Ghost Notes - advanced ghosting techniques using manual and automated processes, shadowing entire beats with the original, creating nudge values with lane controllers per note and pattern, using effects to alter shadowing results, using phase cancelation with filters to create new shadow textures
Modulators - what are they and how to use them both in real-time beat manipulation and dynamic control of each element, using source and destination mod matrices to create movement and texture, layering elements and triggering events, creating sub textures
Motion - never before explained or explored, this chapter deals with 3D percussive sounds using conventional techniques to enhance the backbone of a beat, advanced motion automation within a spherical domain using binaural Impulse Responses and Transaural processing, emulating surround in a 2D plane using modulators, layering sounds and modulators for cross - motion
Automation - an enormous chapter dedicatedto real-time and static automation, using CC values, using dedicated Automaps for CC control and dynamic destinations, using external controllers, drawing automation lanes with dedicated destinations, automating parameters on plug-ins (effects and dynamics)
MIDI Control & Templates - continuation from Automation chapter and concentrating on template creation for external controllers and drum replacement software, controller templates, effects templates and mapping templates
Ripping Beats - a unique insight into this much guarded process, ripping drum elements from commercial breaks, reconstructing each rip into a new beat construct, Hitpoints and Slices and how to map them, manual editing and movement of slice points and values, creating Midi events from slices and re-mapping them into triggers for your own samples
Ripping Timing Elements - analyzing and profiling commercial drum beats and restructuring their timing values into working templates to use in your beat constructs
Ripping Drum Elements - profiling all beat elements using peak detection software, drum replacement software, manual slicing and editing, replacing elements with your own sounds and working them into a new construct, using two completely different commercial drum beats and creating a single beat using elements from both, time stretching and warping, phase cancelation with filtering and nudging in layer mode
Creative Ripping - creating new beats using 3 different beats and all their elements, topping and tailing for optimum dynamic detection, aligning beat elements using manual; editing and pre-defined ripped timing templates, mashing beats, mashing various genres into synced beats
Profiling - ripping EQ curves and transients into new references for use with your own beats, analyzing and aligning references, creating references using existing software, manipulating references on drum elements
Creative Tools & Processes - using choice plug-ins for beat constructions, detailed explanation of each plug-in and how it affects the audio, dedicated drum breaks software and how to use them, creative layering of effects and dynamics for beat construction, understanding how to use passive and active EQs to create the sub bounce element of a kick, creating low end kicks using acoustic drum sounds in layer and phase cancel mode
Dance - creating a Dance beat from ground up using all techniques and processes described in the book
Urban - creating a Hip Hop beat from ground up using all techniques and processes described in the book
seems rather good, might be worth the 15dollar- thoughts?


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Defiantly seems like a worthwhile purchase to me.
I find things like this to be a good investment to your music as you can always go back to them for foot notes or even just to read again.


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The book looks awesome. It should explain why we do what we do when it comes to processing drums. Moreover, a better understanding of drum construction and processing will make you a better producer. I say get the book.