Beat blending!


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So, we all decended on the Telegraph @ 228 brixton hill on tuesday of this week for 'eat my beat', something a few of my friends and I are working on.

We had hip hop, breaks and liquid dnb till about 2am, not alot else going on on a tuesday that I'd rather go to, thing is, we also had live bongo's and a flute, this week we're going one step further with our very own female vocalist and and electric digeridoo...

All in all it was a very successful night, more people than we expected turned up and its set to run every tuesday - you may think my opinion is bias and I'm just trying to pull money in but you'd be wrong because not one of us is being payed, we are doing it cos we love the beats and the talent shown at the event!

So what do you say? anyone fancy it? its free entry, from 8pm till whenever they shut the bar, usually 2am, not a bad sound system, wicked atmosphere, unbelieveable talent and reasonably priced drink.

Here is the Flyer - I'll add a sample video of Jay-on-Drums for those that need to see for themselves!