Beach Break Live 2013 Tickets | 20th - 24th June

Beach Break Live 2013 Tickets | 20th - 24th June

Beach Break Live is an award winning boutique beach side bonanza of magic, mischief and memories. Join 20,000 unified revellers in the ultimate pastures of pleasure... miles of sandy

beach, epic woodland and supersonic sound systems.

Celebrate the start of summer with the 4-day beach party like no other.


Tier 1: £89 (Early Birds)
Tier 2: £99
Tier 3: £109
Tier 4: £119

There are a limited number of tickets in each tier, so the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be.

And as per usual you can grab your early bird tickets exclusively from FutureDNB before everyone else does here:

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If your a bit skint you can also secure your ticket/s by putting down a deposit of £40. This is great and means you can secure a cheaper tier 1 ticket - and pay off the rest later in

the year when tickets may be as much as £119.

There are 2 ticket types up for grabs:

Student Tickets - available to those with a confirmed place in higher or further education, those currently studying in further or

higher education or those who have graduated from higher or further education with the past 3 years

Non Student Tickets - available to anyone out of education, students who have graduated more than 3 years ago, from higher or further


Some Important things to be aware of:

You must be eighteen years of age or over and provide a valid Photo ID in combination with your E-ticket and any other required documentation to enter the event.

The sunny new date for BeachBreakLive 2013 is 20th - 24th June, to ensure all exams are done and the Summer has truly begun.

So as the days get shorter and the nights grow cold, wrap up warm, hunker down and let your mind drift through the trees and along the beach to the beats and the treats that will make

Beach Break 2013 well worth the wait.

Grab your early bird tickets now @ and Let the countdown begin...

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