It'll be good tho if they find out who's responsible and post up all their details on DOA and the Arena Forum and just get everyone to abuse the fuck out of him/her/them! :gun:
That was sick, you send me a link to the DnB Arena only to find out the story isn't even there, its on Dogs On Arsehole.

Actually that does suck. I was looking foward to a thread about some "un authorized remix" in which I'll diss you all for dissing "un authorized remixes" because I think they're great. But no, the story is actually about my internet friend Adam getting one of his tunes released by someone he doesn't know who won't give him any credit for the song or revinue received from the song. Thats pretty gay indeed!

The key:



the plot:

:gun: :evil:
way i see it this cant get nothing but messy.
if the tune is coming out on vinyl there are contracts involved which means the bloke who jacked it mustve been somewhere around those papers and signed them at one point or another. Cant be too hard to get his real name and when the label finds out hes been having them on, im pretty sure theyll be cooperative about it.
As soon as sporophyte gets his personal information he can take legal action.

maximum disgrace going to court for jacking tunes.

was that tune his only tune or did he have another one? if he did chances are he ripped that one too. I hate rippers.
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