Be-1ne presents Area Recordings Podcast 005 (Deep Dubstep)


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Sep 29, 2010
Middle England

Welcome to part 5 in the Area Recordings podcast series. This episode features tracks from the usual suspects, Be-1ne, Lysergene, DCult, Krytikal & 3rdeye, Plus new material from Instinct, Substep Infrabass & Pressa. - Direct Download Link

Track listing:

Be-1ne - Matchbook (Forthcoming Methodology Recordings)
Instinct - It was you (Dub)
Krytikal - Emptiness (Dub)
Pressa - Blue Mood (Forthcoming Orientis)
DCult - End of Days (Dub)
Lysergene - (Track Title Coming Shortly) (Dub)
Be-1ne - The Visitors (Forthcoming Methodology Recordings)
3rdeye - Beta Carotene ft Akshay Kalawari (Dub)
Unknown - Untitled
Be-1ne & Lysergene - Latch (Area Dubplate)
Lysergene - (Track Title Coming Shortly) (Forthcoming Area Recordings 004)
Be-1ne - Moments (Area Dubplate)
Substep Infrabass - Antumbra (Dub)
Be-1ne - Between the Clouds (Area Dubplate)
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