BCee on the Spectrum show


Nov 12, 2008
Ipswich - Suffolk
Join us on the 15th March when BCee will be back on the show.

Listen live 7-9pm GMT on 105.7FM, www.icrfm.co.uk or catch the download in our blogs at www.myspace.com/spectrumicr

Contact the show live: email studio@icrfm.co.uk or text 07797 800712

Send your tracks via AIM: fusionicr or www.soundcloud.com/fusionicr/dropbox

Get the latest Spectrum show featuring the usual hot selection of fresh beats and older favourites.


Opus 3 - It's a Fine Day [Priors remix - Johnny Beverton's Teaser mix] (CD-R)
Lenzman feat. Jo. S - Emeralds (Shogun Limited)
Drifta & Baron Simms - It's Time (CD-R)
BCee & S.P.Y. - Diagnosis Murder (Forthcoming Generations EP - Spearhead)
Instra:mental feat. dBridge - Detuned (Forthcoming Sepia Tones EP - Darkestral)
Adam Form - Down Inside [Subterra & Dekko remix] (4 Corners EP - Rubik Digital)
L.A.O.S. - We All [Blame remix] (Spearhead)
Unknown - Ala Bama (Roots Records)
BCee - Generations (Forthcoming Generations EP - Spearhead)
Insular - Change of Scenery (CD-R)
Drumlinezz - Never Such (CD-R)
Drumlinezz - Hear Us (CD-R)

flewsneakypeaks - ? (CD-R)
flewsneakypeaks - ? (CD-R)
flewsneakypeaks - ? (CD-R)

**Cartel B2B flewsneakypeaks (DJ Vandal)**
Calibre - Sokitume (Electric Soul EP - Signature)
Mist:i:cal - Believe feat. Robert Owens (Eleventh Hour LP - Soul:R)
Makoto - Eastern Dub Pt 2 (Good Looking)
Calibre - Mr Maverick (Signature)
dBridge - The Haven (Exit Recordings)
S.P.Y. - Sunship (Spearhead)

Listen again to BCee's last show, featuring an exclusive Lomax mix and interview...


Blame - Music Takes You (Moving Shadow)
Drumlinezz - Never Such (CD-R)
Acoustiks & The Square - Don't Explain (CD-R)
Spher][cal - Bubblegum (CD-R)
Spher][cal - Attache (CD-R)
Spher][cal - Dance to the Rhythm (CD-R)
Digital - Deadline [Steve H remix] (CD-R)
Invisible Landscape - Bambaata Recognition (CD-R)
Blame - Bring Me Down (720 Degrees)
Komatic - Solution (Dub)
Michael Jackson - Human Nature [DJ Roots remix - Fusion edit] (Dub)
Blame feat. Selah - Because of You (720 Degrees)
L.A.O.S. - We All [Blame remix] (Spearhead)
The Black Ghosts - It's Your Touch [Calculon & Austin Speed remix] (CD-R)
Instra:mental - Photograph (Sepia Tones EP - Darkestral)

**BCee feat. guest Lomax**
S.P.Y. - Sunship (Spearhead)

***Lomax interview***

***Exclusive Lomax Mix***
Hybrid vs Dead Mouse - Finished Symphony (D&B Bootleg)
Lomax - Safebuster (Integral)
BCee - Consumed (Spearhead)
Lomax - Trago Trash (Critical)
Lomax - 15 Sided Dice (Dub)
Lomax - Short List (Dub)
Blame - Bring Me Down (720 Degrees)
Lomax - Verrazano (Dub)
Xample & Lomax - Contra (Ram)
Electrosoul System - Purple Sky [Lomax remix] (Nu Directions)
Lomax - Mercia (Ram Dub)

*World Exclusive* BCee - Glitter Balls (Generations EP - Spearhead Dub)
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