BBL: Boxing Day Mutiny ft. DJ PRODUCER: Edinburgh


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Nov 15, 2010


With a summer of parties, festivals and Euro teknival missions now fading into the distant past, this festive season sees BBL return to Edinburgh to rave off our Christmas dinners..

Join us and celebrate till 5am, with 3 rooms of banging DJs, plenty of extra rig and more.. all for just a fiver! Bargain!

Music policy: Reggae/Dubstep/Jungle/Drum n Bass/Techno/Hardcore/Breakcore

Main room:
THE DJ PRODUCER (Deathchant/Rebelscum/Third Movement)
SCAMP (Life4Land/Anticlone)
DR.. UM (Amen-Tal)
Tekkerz (JungleDub)
Nass (BBL Soundsystem)
El Retardo (BBL Soundsystem)

VOID soundsystem provided by BBL + Bass Alliance

Morphamish (Urge Mode/Black Lantern Music/Audiodacity)
Fuk-Nut (Jakn/Diverse Frequencies)
King Tom (Audacious)
Jamin Nimjah (BBL Soundsystem)

Powered by BBL

Era (Electrikal)
44Cal (Electrikal)
Ali T (Resen)
Skanky B (Electrikal)

+Live graffiti and drawing from Mech
+Drinks deals: £2 jargerbombs and £8 bottles of wine
+ PS3 tournaments: Pro Evo, Street Fighter, Tekken
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