BBC Asian network - Electro East with Nerm!

Dave Dexcell

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I wanna let everyone know that this show is closing down! These guys have shown many of us a lot of support B4 So i think we should all do what we can to keep this show going!

I know they have supported us a truck load! along with Ketz, Mattix & Futile and many more of you. Its not often you will come across a show that will play unknows these guys dedicate there shows to breaking through new tallent!

Please join the group on facebook and invite all your friends to it :!/group.php?gid=311343828128&ref=ts

Or even Write a complaint to the bbc.

Nice one guys.

Now for the person/people that are going to comment on the fact that it is a re post.... FUK YOU I DONT GIVE A SHIT!