Bazooka - "AntiHero" The Album (Aural Carnage 07) ACAR 07

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    Bazooka - "AntiHero" The Album - (CD - 79:18mins)
    Aural Carnage & SUB Carnage Recordings copro. (ACAR 07)

    Finally, after 15 Years of releasing Music it was more than "about time" to release an Album. :alchy:

    This Album is strictly pure raw hardcore Dubstep & Drum & Bass.
    No Girly RNB Vocal wannabe Top 10 Dubstep POP! Just pure RuffnezZ!

    featured Vocalists:
    Daddy Freddy, Bounty Killer, Dizzee Rascal

    01: Piss In The Mainstream (Intro)
    02: Ancients
    03: Humanoid Kill
    04: Gojira
    05: Bass Invaders
    06: Ganja Remix (feat. Daddy Freddy)
    07: Different Tings (feat. Daddy Freddy)
    08: Dynasty VIP Mix
    09: Murderah VIP Mix (feat. Bounty Killer & Elephant Man)
    10: Push It Up (feat. Daddy Freddy)
    11: War Remix (feat. Daddy Freddy)
    12: Good Day To Die (feat. Dizzee Rascal)
    13: Hammer Smashed Bass
    14: S-Killah VIP Album Mix
    15: Commando 64 - (Outro)

    check Track Previews here:

    check Artwork and Photos here:

    buy CD here:

    CD incl. shipping - Germany = 12 Euro
    CD incl. shipping - Worldwide = 14 Euro

    or check out generally:

    (hey mike you and D&B Forum has been greeted in the cd of course ;) )