For Sale Bazil et al EP [T-FILE-EP004]

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    Tilt-Recordings / T-FILE-EP004:
    Bazil + Phony feat. Lean - "Stealth"
    Bazil + Danny Power - "The One"
    Bazil - "Neolithic"


    Bazil, Phony, Lean and Danny Power are all hailing
    from Guildford, UK (like Matt Domino, see T-Files 006).
    They have tunes on Melting Pot Digital, Blackhoe and T-FREE,
    and recently Bazil and Lean had their first vinyl release
    together with Subtera on the Sudden Def sublabel Def:Ltd.

    Now, all three tunes here have something in common:
    they are on the technoid tip but bridge the gap to more
    melodic styles. They combine Neurofunk midranges with
    driving beats, melodic elements, dubby FX and even
    female singing voices as pads, creating a musically
    deep athmospheric dimension on top of a proper rollout.

    wav & mp3 available here: (paypal enabled)

    soon also here:

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