DnB Bay B Kane - Future Destination : Exit 1


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Nov 4, 2010
Top Drawer Digital Presents :

Bay B Kane

Future Destination : Exit 1


Release Date 21st April 2012

Bay B Kane is one of the true pioneers of the the Jungle sound who between 1989 and 1997 had many releases on some of the golden era's Biggest Labels.

After a 13 year break his love for Jungle in all its forms has lured him back just as excited about the sound as when he started out.

Here we give you his take on the Future Jungle sound , 4 tracks to take you on a journey Bay B Kane fashion.

The Future is the Destination ..............Exit 1 is just one of the doors he's passing through.

01 : Bay B Kane - Magnetic Drift
02 : Bay B Kane - Human Nature
03 : Bay B Kane - Free Fall
04 : Bay B Kane Featuring Ali Kaan Gebes - Rush Over Me

Get it from :

Track It Down : http://www.trackitdown.net/track/ba...er-me-original-mix/drum_and_bass/4271487.html

Juno : http://www.junodownload.com/products/future-destination-exit-1/1949694-02/

Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/#release/future-destination-exit-1/895495



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Nov 4, 2010
Comments and Support :

Digitally Mashed - class ep that should be in all good future junglist play lists 10/10
Radiokillaz - 10/10
Schema - Wow, four truly wonderful tracks here. Absolutely loving this.
Virus - 9/10
Daniel Beale (K-Mag/Old Skool Review) Awsome 10/10
Tomb Crew - 7/10
Ratling - right up my street... love it 9/10
Gella - 7/10
Ceos - The entire EP is wicked 9/10
Vinyl Junkie - 8/10
Dave Skywalker : Bay B Kane shows he's never lost touch.. this is so cutting edge you'll need plasters.
Strange Rollers - 8/10
Tariq (Future Jungle Blog)-melodic jungle from the master that is Bay B Kane 10/10
Sound Shifter - 9/10
601 : cool old skool vibes
DJ Faydz - 10/10
Generic Bass - Bay B Kane brings new ideas and vibes to the genre 9/10
Lex- wicked wicked ep all round 8/10
Tony Rocky Horror 8/10
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