Battletek - Moondust Memory {REMAKE} (Liquid/Dancefloor DNB) Feedback?!

Derelicts Of Tomorrow

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Sep 16, 2015
Frederick, MD, USA
Not really my cup of tea when it comes to drum and bass can and yes I think it is way more than that being said fuck label man they rip you off it's not like that in a white men something like vinyldon't make a release determine your success rate you're a great producer

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Dec 14, 2015
Synth work is sounding good to me but maybe a little too "hands in the air" for my taste :). Not sure about the drums after the drop, they sound a little muted. Can't work out if that is intentional as they back to being punchy at around 03:00.

Your productions are getting tighter each time my friend, keep plugging away!
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