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BATTLEJAM. Dubstep Special w/Rusko. Cargo Friday 22nd Aug 08


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Dubstep Special w/Rusko. Cargo Friday 22nd Aug 08

Download a . zip file of all the Battlejam tracks here - http://www.divshare.com/download/4573635-c80

Yes people its battlejam again. . .

Read the flyer below and be awed at its awesomeness. Come down and participate in the madness, this ones a jump-up rinse-out dubstep special. Be there or be we'll see that you're extradited to a secret US prison camp. And that's a promise.

Also, the first 15 people through the door will receive a free copy of "THTC - The Mixtape", a banging CD packed with 30 tracks from
the UK and US' top hip hop artists.

THTC - Armour for Life.

Battlejam - Because You're Worth It.