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Nov 1, 2002
The Battle of MCs Part 4 - drum and bass 8 tape pack

Recrded live at The Stratford Rex, London. 12th April 2003
Battle of the Mcs Battle of the MCs

Featuring DJs: Brockie, Mampi Swift, SS b2b Twisted Individual, Bad Company, Dice, Nickyblackmarket, E-Decay, Dazzler

Featuring MCs:Dynamite, Fearless, Det, Ragga Twins, Daddy Fready, $pyda, LP, Bassman, Trigga, Plama, Shaydee, IC3, Foxy, Fatman D, Shortston, Eksman, Herbzie, Spinout, Kasha, Raw, Sugar

Host / Referee: Navigator

Live Pa's: Raw Hill Crew, UK Apachie (origional Nutter)

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