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So you're sitting there, browsing through music, and BAM..... Bassrk?!?! Makes you feel like becoming an ancient Norse warrior who fought with a frenzied rage in battle, possibly induced by eating hallucinogenic mushrooms!

Word? While that is a bit out of left field (actually, from Dictionary dot com, haha), these tunes have been doing some big damage across the Drum & Bass circuit! Quickly turning heads, Bassrk is receiving some massive support and great features! (See above!)

Bassrk is a Dj and Producer, from Hamburg, Germany. He started Djing in 2004, and started Producing DnB in 2006. Bassrk has played many venues and festivals in Germany, alongside DJs suchas Optiv, Chook, The Sect, DizPlay, Black Sun Empire, Nocturnal, The Upbeats, Dom and Roland, & Misanthrop to name only a few! He has also played in France and Austria, so if you're around these parts, keep an eye out for em!

His recent 12" collab and release with Chook (Song: Grayskull / Album: The Cocoon [Full Force Recs]) went over huge, and with a focus on bringing the quality to each of his tunes, you can expect some great things from Bassrk in the future. Keep your ears ready!

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As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)