Website BasslineTunes - we need you !


MC Tom Grimshaw
Hey people me and my mate decided to start opening a website based on RnB & Bassline we are nearly finished
the progress is about 90% and we will be open soon.

We was wondering if anyone has a website and we can trade adverts , banners etc and also were looking for our
own DJ to do exclusive mixes which will be put on the website, as we are a website that lets our fans and users download
bassline we was wondering if any producers or DJs or MCs wanted to add me on msn and i would gladly put their track
up to download as we are always looking for unique tracks etc.

Some of the popular DJs or Pro's can have their own album page and charge people to download their album
but as we are advertising your album for you there will be an amount knocked off your charge for our customers.
We are already popular with the young teens and they cant wait for us too open so please visit our site to check if
its open thankss .

Thank you && Please Replyy .