Bassline Beenie-first female cgi jungle dj

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Jan 29, 2014
Hr contact information is in there I think this is an escort service
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Feb 8, 2002
Haha why does she look like that in the face. Mad as all hell. I've talked to a heavy techstep DJ who's female and she told me the jungle bizness is not easy for female djs, they are few and far between and promoters, fellow djs, bookers, etc, they all try to fuck a female DJ primarily, respect is a real issue, nobody ever acts normal around them. She has been booked the world over and met all the big names, and I'm sad to say it all sounds pretty horrific tbh, I'd look mad too.

This girl, however, is not working as an escort, her boobs are weird and she clangs warning. Plus she's pretty old, but then she'd have to be to DJ this good. She is very good.

Its tinybunnies on here I've been talking to, when it comes to djing she's an utter beast.
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