Bassjunkees Radio needs you !

Started 6 years ago by Toronto's DnB crew, Bassjunkees radio station is now struggling to stay alive.

With NC-17 providing his dose of Darkness with exclusive dubplates on his weekly show,
and Toronto's DnB award winning act (Best breakthrough DJ’s), Dungeon Kru, delivering
the goods twice a week, we still have a solid foundation to expand on.

Full DJ schedule is available here

A lot of time and efforts has been put in this project and it would be a shame to see it aborted now.
We need motivated heads to help us by :

-> Hosting a show if you're a DJ, we have enough free slots available, it doesn't cost you anything
except an hour or 2 of your time each week. there's a quick application form on the website here
you can also pm me and we'll work out the details.

-> Supporting us and spreading the word 'about the station by any mean, wether its facebook, twitter, forums...

-> Join the community and stop by our IRC channel, which is full of friendly bass addicts

-> And of course, simply tuning in and listening to our talented DJs :D

Thank you for your time peeps ! Looking forward to hear from y'all